Pioneering CRISPR Biotech Advances in Agriculture

About us


At MaxGene, we transcend traditional genome editing.
We’re visionaries reshaping the agricultural landscape, enhancing the essential plants that fuel our world with food, fiber, and feed.

Our endeavor? To elevate crop quality, productivity, adaptability, and nutritional value—all while introducing valuable compounds benefiting the entire chain, from growers to consumers.

By synergizing genetics, computational biology, and machine learning with innovative breeding methodologies, MaxGene stands at the forefront of genetic and breeding advancements.



Driven by Purpose

At the core of our operations lies a commitment to revolutionize agriculture through unparalleled crop expertise, data-driven strategies, and gene editing. We pledge to boost both crop productivity and its nutritional essence, consistently promoting sustainable and effective solutions.



Crafting Tomorrow’s Agriculture

Our aspirations extend beyond sheer output. We strive to equip growers with crops that not only excel in yield but also address global challenges: climate resilience, environmental protection, and sustainability. Rooted in our ethos is the promotion of regenerative agriculture, ensuring a balanced give-and-take with our planet.




Designer Crops a Better Future

Our core technology uses CRISPR, high-throughput gene editing, and reliable cell biology techniques to design and deliver novel traits for crop improvement.

We have developed a pioneering plant transformation platform and a strong trait discovery pipeline to enable faster and more effective delivery of products.

One Step Away From the Future